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About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves as an established company manufacturing table tuft bath mats. We are at the market since 1994. We supply the big commercial chains in Europe. Classic design, high quality production, fast delivery – Evrotex 21 Ltd. is doing all that to make you feel comfortably in your bathroom. We offer you diversity of shapes, colours and sizes, 3-years guarantee for the durability of the tuft and the back side of the carpet because our company use only European materials. We use high-quality polyacrylic yarns, which are very appropriate for the production of bathroom carpets. The bathroom carpets are easy-to-clean and very soft.
We ensure the best possible cohesion of the yarn, which is very important for the durability of a top-quality carpet. For that purpose Evrotex 21 Ltd. blends different latexes which specially laid on the back side secure the carpet not to slide.

        We are pleased to be able to offer you our goods:

o   Table tuft bath mats:

o   3 years guarantee;

o   competitive prices;

o   Oko-Tex-Standart, 99.0.8420 – FI Hohenstein, Germany;

o   ISO 9001:2000 – BVQi N.A. Inc., 212225

o   A wide variety of forms and models;

o   100% Polyacryl;

o   Anti-sliding latex cover;

o   Pile from 15 mm – 34 mm;

o   Used more than 250 colors and there’s possibility for developing of design and color by desire of the client;

Thank you for your time and attention. We will appreciate it if you send an early reply.